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Buckwheat Pillows

Buckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat Pillow
Price: 27.50

What size Pillow would you like?

Our New Buckwheat pillows from Brow Farm are filled with 100% natural, chemical free, Buckwheat hulls encased in an natural cotton cover for an allergy free sleep. They have a handy zip on the side allowing easy access to remove hulls making it easier to adjust to the size required.

We offer two sizes; a 'small size' and 'standard size' suitable for use within a normal pillow case cover.

Our Small Pillow has 3kg of Buckwheat hulls inside, whilst our Standard Pillow has 3.5 kg of hulls inside ensuring with both sizes that there will be more then enough to support your head for a relaxed and comfortable nights sleep.

PLUS! Free Aromatherapy book available with every order. Simply click on the option below to receive your free 'Aromatherapy - A Guide For Home Use' book.

An amazing Buckwheat Pillow will:
* help you to get deep and relaxing sleep
* support your neck and head during the night
* cool or warm depending on the season
* help you to be awake, alert and refreshed
* reduce snoring, backache, neck stiffness
* small pillow size: 57cm x 42cm
* standard pillow size (to fit normal pillow case): 69cm x 46cm
* side zip to allow easy removal or addition of hulls
* chemical free buckwheat hulls
* free Aromatherapy book available with each order!


Buckwheat Pillow Cover

Buckwheat Pillow Cover
Price: 9.95

What size Pillow would you like?

Replacement Buckwheat Pillow Case made from 100% pure cotton, small or standard size both with side zip for easy removal and filling of buckwheat hulls.

Buckwheat Hulls (1kg)

Buckwheat Hulls (1kg)
Price: 9.95

1kg of Buckwheat Hulls for top up or replacement filling for your Buckwheat Pillow. (3kg required for a standard pillow, 3.5kg for a large pillow)