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Other Gift Ideas

Candle Globe

Candle Globe
Price: 10.95

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The Candle Globe is an amazing multi-coloured tealight holder, handmade by craftsman using blown, recycled glass. The lighting effect creates a delightful ambient and relaxing atmosphere. The Candle Globe can be used indoors by placing into an empty wine bottle, or outdoors by simply placing in soil in the ground or plant pots. This is an essential for any party or romantic atmosphere.

* multi-coloured Candle Globe
* hand made from recycled glass
* can be used indoors or outdoors
* ideal for use with tealights or votives
* comes in attractive gift box (1 globe in each box)
* makes a superb value-for-money present

Hanging Daylight & Tealight Globes

Hanging Daylight & Tealight Globes
Price: 14.95

Manufactured in a similar way to our ever popular Candle Globe, these wonderful Hanging Tealight Holders can stream coloured light into a room by daylight or create a beautiful and ambient glow by night using a simple tealight. These beautiful Hanging Tealights can be ‘hung’ outside in trees to add more colour to a garden by day or used with a tealight by night to create beautiful and ambient colours created by the Globe. . They are made with a flat bottom so they can be sat on surfaces e.g. a table centre piece (both indoors and outdoors).

Each Night Light is blown by mouth then hand crafted using recycled glass by skilled craftsmen, making each Night Light completely unique. Each Night Light is supplied with a decorative ribbon for hanging, 1 complimentary tea light, stainless steel tea light holder and table stand. Supplied in gift box and in White, Red or Green glass colour.

A delightful Globe by day and a Tea Light Holder by night makes this a perfect gift for any occasion all year round!

* multi-coloured Tealight Globe
* hand made from recycled glass
* can be used indoors or outdoors
* ideal for use with tealights
* size: globe diameter 12cm
* supplied in attractive gift box
* available in 3 colours
* supplied with 12" tall table stand to hang globe from if required
* makes a superb all-year-round value-for-money present

Waxitaxi Tealight Tongs

Waxitaxi Tealight Tongs
Price: 5.95

Would you like Tongs of Gift Pack?


With an innovative design these tealight tongs eases the task of placing tealights into deep holders and makes a perfect value-for-money gift! Available to buy on their own or as a gift pack which includes tealights.

* waxitaxi tealight tongs
* move your tealights easily
* no more scorched fingers!
* available singularly or in gift pack
* perfect small budget gift

Elephant Dung Writing Paper

Elephant Dung Writing Paper
Price: 4.95

These Elephant Dung Paper Writing Sets have been created by a skilled team of women who combine recycled paper, natural dyes and sanitized elephant dung to produce these unique and beautiful sheets of paper. Each sheet requires over twelve hands-on processes. Dimensions 5.5"(14.5cm) X 8.5"(21.5cm)

Each pack contains 6 pieces of paper and 6 envelopes. Makes a special gift.